Net Zero Summits is India’s leading international event dedicated to accelerating sustainability and transition to GHG free energy.

Hydrogen has enormous potential to become an important part of a decarbonized energy system. World-over nations have been putting in top dollars, minds and efforts laying foundation of a sunrise sector namely Hydrogen Energy. India has also initiated a number of steps accelerating the process of laying the foundations for GHG-free hydrogen production and utilization.

The summit is the nexus of innovation and expertise, influencing the evolution of the hydrogen landscape. It provides access to state-of-the-art insights, pioneering research discoveries, and the latest technological breakthroughs throughout the hydrogen value chain.

HEFC summit brings the key stakeholders on a common platform to deliberate the status quo & chart the future course of action.

Call for Papers

Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells Summit (HEFC-2024) will be of value and interest to producers, researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners who are working in the hydrogen value chain. HEFCS-2024 invites original research abstracts, case studies and / or presentations. The topics for deliberation and presentations at the summit are:

  • Net Zero by 2050: Exploring the role of government policies and regulations in promoting the adoption of hydrogen for easy energy transition & how is National Hydrogen Mission paving the way.
  • Frontiers of Hydrogen Production: Innovations and Technologies - Explore the forefront of hydrogen production technologies, spanning electrolysis, natural gas reforming, and biomass conversion.
  • Powering the Future: Advancements in Fuel Cell Technology and Applications - Discover the cutting-edge developments in fuel cell technology and its versatile applications across transportation and stationary power generation.
  • Building the Hydrogen Highway: Infrastructure Challenges & Solutions - Examine the critical aspects of hydrogen infrastructure, focusing on storage, distribution, and transportation.
  • Green Ammonia: Powering Refineries and Fertilizers with Hydrogen - The symbiotic relationship between green ammonia and hydrogen. Analyse the integration of hydrogen technologies in refineries and fertilizer production.
  • Hydrogen Propulsion: Transforming Mobility & Freight Transport - Explore the pivotal role of hydrogen in revolutionizing transportation, focusing on railways, trucking, and shipping.