Net Zero Summits is India’s leading international event dedicated to accelerating sustainability and transition to GHG free energy.

The Summit

While the government acknowledges the significance of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), its approach appears cautious & NITI Aayog recognizes substantial CCUS potential. The upcoming carbon pricing regime in 2026 is a positive step, yet additional initiatives are essential. Encouraging the use of captured CO2 in sectors such as fertilizer production and methanol for transportation can serve as strong incentives.

In January 2023, India launched the National Green Hydrogen Mission to boost green hydrogen production, use, and exports. The mission includes financial incentives for domestic manufacturing of electrolysers, green hydrogen production, and support for pilot projects. The allocated budget of INR 197.4 billion (approximately US$2.4 billion) reflects a commitment to fostering green hydrogen hubs and advancing research and development in this critical area. However, the progress towards the required 1 gigatons of CCUS capacity, as outlined in the Net Zero 2050 scenario, remains a concern. Continued efforts and initiatives are essential to meet these ambitious targets and combat the challenges posed by climate change.

This dictates the need for a focused platform to discuss and debate possibilities; show case latest tech and future trends and create a solutions-based roadmap for the energy stakeholders across the globe.

The highly anticipated 3rd edition of the Net Zero Summits is set to take place on August 13-14, 2024, at Hotel Le Meridien in New Delhi, India. This event offers a unique combination of a specialized exhibition and a conference, providing unparalleled opportunities for participants to engage, learn, and network.